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New Wave Disco Parking Lot

“How can anyone like the Doobies and hate Steely Dan? “ I just had a big argument with my sister about how Steely Dan doesn’t suck.  We have not reached a resolution. I’ve had my own misgivings about Steely Dan (I got Aja as a gift from my aunt and thought it was some kind … Continue reading



I’m djing tonight at Heathers.  My favorite Heather is probably Heather Graham as Rollergirl.  Especially in the 80’s when she’s screaming “DON’T YOU EVER DISRESPECT ME!” If you can’t make it, here are a couple tracks to keep you company.


Listening Skills

I used to listen to the rock ‘n roll station late at night. That’s when the djs can do what they want to do. I would have the radio turned low and listen for footsteps in the hall.  They belonged to my dad, coming to tell me to turn it off and go to sleep. … Continue reading



I thought the first “Saw” was terrible but “Insidious” is right in my wheelhouse.  I can live with the psychic residue of David Lynch doing “Poltergeist” with an evil witch and Tiny Tim, but Marilyn Manson doing “Nightmare on Elm Street” with bear-trap mutilation and nu-metal exceeds my threshold for lingering cinematic discomfort.  Watching Repo: … Continue reading



Spinning at National Underground tonight (159 E Houston St New York) tonight with Alex Zelenka, DJ KEOKI & Thee Paus3 Getting my crate together right now.  Alex told me to bring bangers so get ready because tonight I’m GOIN’ IN! (see below)


Social Disco Club at Public Assembly

Disco Party in Brooklyn with Portugal’s Social Disco Club and Argentina’s Free Radicals Friday August 10th, 2012 at Public Assembly, Brooklyn Social Disco Club (aka Humberto Matias) is arguably Portugal’s authority on Disco culture. SDC has seen remixes, original tracks and reworks for Permanent Vacation, Disco Deviance, Eskimo Recordings, We Play House, American Standard, Is It … Continue reading


Lena Katina Remix

The remix I did for Lena Katina (ex-t.A.T.u.) is up on soundcloud, along with remixes by THEE PAUS3, Alex Zelenka (Crystal Castles), Lost Shadow and R. Marlon. It drops on July 27th and proceeds go to brain tumor research in the US and UK (www.cbtf.org and braintumourtrust).


Feel The Drive

When Gary Numan invented music, he picked the right subject with “Cars.” Specifically, what it feels like to be inside of a car. Take driving on the freeway at midnight.  The roads are clear and they can take you anywhere, just you and a few other tail lights speeding through the night. Anything can happen on … Continue reading